'Buffy' and 'American Pie' Star gets cum all over her face?
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Hannigan's big break came in 1997, when she was hired to play the part of Willow Rosenberg in the TV series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. As the series took off, so did Hannigan's career, and her character was vamped up accordingly. Alyson's "Willow" set the standard for bawdy, nerdy lesbian witches everywhere. In 1999, Hannigan brought herself further attention for a role in the coming-of-age romp, American Pie. She played the part of the 'band camp girl', a role for which she became famous for. Recently, this home sex movie was released onto the internet, claiming to be Alyson giving blowjobs while she was filming on the set of American Pie. Although we have yet to confirm her identity, its fairly easy to tell!